About us

Affordable Community Catering And Services Limited was established on 16 July 2010 in UK by founder Emmanuel Esele Matute and co-owner Marilyn Jacenta Girlie-Leonce, we offer a speciality in new innovation in the consumer market.

We are the life blood of bringing brands of companies in highly competitive market that are dominated by brands with strong quality and equity. The rapid technological changes, international competition and changes in societal norms, mean that companies must continually improve their existing brands and frequently introduce new brands.

Affordable Community and Services Limited is at the forefront of bringing these brands at affordable prices, to meet every day demands and needs. Our products are premium range of 4G, that combines classic styling with the comfort that comes with a timeless look that still references today's trends. Using fine detailing and quality materials to ensure that their natural style always stands out in the market.

In Affordable Community and Catering Services Limited, we are meticulous in the selection of our materials and design to enhance and preserve the environment. Our unmatched value and cost ratio of high end products puts us at the forefront of the wider market. The company's mission is to provide simple convenient life style, mobile accessories and high end brands to the market at affordable prices.

We at Affordable Community Catering and Services Limited believe a brand can only be a by product when it brings real benefit to it's users, our intention is inspiring to aspire our clients at Affordable Community Catering and Services Limited.